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Once you have made your booking and sent your tribute for either Talk with The Goddess/Sex therapy/Video chat you will be expected to be ready and waiting as per your arrangement with The Goddess on the day and time you have selected.

In extreme cases of difficulty The Goddess may consider allowing you to reschedule if it suits Her. However as you must appreciate, Her time is very precious. You will be expected to be punctual, respectful and ready when She is.

Attendance in Person

In the case of attendance in person, again you will be expected to honour The Goddess with your commitment and dedication, being punctual and following Her instruction to the letter.

Minimum of 50% of your tribute will be made in advance. Should it become impossible for you to keep this arrangement you must inform The Goddess at your earliest opportunity. And you will forfeit some - if not all - of your advance tribute.

The Goddess will discuss with you how and when to reschedule. Of course She understands that life sometimes has its challenges and will do Her best to rearrange at another mutually acceptable time and date.

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