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Talk to The Goddess

Explore your fantasy with The Goddess

You need a Goddess. I understand what you want, what you need. I am here just for you, to listen, to encourage, to guide you. I am ready to help you to achieve your desires, fulfil your fantasies. You need my guidance, my commanding, cultured, erotic voice in your ear to urge you to explore your passion… Oh yes, you need me very much. and I am here. Here to focus all my attention on you and nobody but you… Tell me everything. Let us spend some beautiful time together. I will take you to the places you have never been. I am waiting just for you.

30 mins - £65

Woman in fishnet stockings

Sex therapy with The Goddess

Discover the untapped, untamed, unique you…tell me everything

It’s time to leave those limiting self beliefs and learnt behaviours about sex behind. Sex is wonderful. Vanilla, kink, fetish, roleplay… you can tell me ANYTHING. I am here to walk down the path of self discovery and enlightenment with you. Your needs and desires will not shock me, nor will I judge or berate you. I will listen carefully to you. I will guide you, intuitively respond and honestly speak words of truth that will release you from the sexless, fearful place you have been trapped in. Tell me your fantasies. Tell me what holds you back. Find your joy and be the best you. Fulfilment awaits.

30 mins - £65

Goddess Heartstrap holding whip in leathers

See The Goddess – Video Chat

The Goddess in the glorious flesh, exploring with you, no inhibitions

Relax and let go with The Goddess, tell her your innermost thoughts, deepest desires, darkest secrets, your hopes and fears… kinks, fetish, fantasy, roleplay… The Goddess is here to reassure you and take you where you need to go. Share your fantasy. Be instructed. Reveal your secrets and The Goddess will join you in exploring your desires… such sweet release. Bring everything to your Goddess… you will not regret it.

30 mins - £95


Kneel and Serve The Goddess

Worship… Submission…Obedience…Ecstasy

Awaken and ignite your body and spirit as you connect with The Goddess Energy… Kneel and absorb her power – feel yourself sink into the moment as you leave your world behind and enter Hers. All focus on The Goddesses pleasure – and therefore, your pleasure. Breathe, feel the burn, feel the moment, feel the touch, the caress, the bite and sting… You will never feel quite the same again. Be bold – be brave – be the best you can for The Goddess.

1 hour - £225

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Personalised voice message

The Goddess speaking directly to you.
Focusing completely upon you. Instructing, commanding…
Her mesmerising voice describing your exact fantasy as she draws you deeper under Her Hypnotic spell.
Such sweet intimacy, such breath taking pleasure…
Act now. 
The Goddess is waiting for you.




Distance domination/Chastity

2024 Cal

Twelve Months with The Goddess

Beautiful photos of The Goddess in her dungeon

Two calendars available for 2024.

1. Goddess Heartstrap
Delicious images of The Goddess in Her dungeon - ropes, chains, worshipful slaves…

2. Caged.
A beautiful representation of worship in Chastity.

Hard copy sent to address of your choice £29.99 (incl p&p) or via PDF sent confidentially to your chosen device. £24.99

Easy instant payment to PayPal:

Once you confirm payment sent you will receive a message confirming that your calendar is on its way, and checking the address that is your preferred method of delivery.

There are still a few copies available of the 2023 calendar - real bargain at £14.99 (hard copy delivered) and £9.99 (pdf) respectively.

Why not treat yourself to all three?!

12 months of The Goddess, always at your fingertips … what a mouth watering prospect.


Apply to Serve the Goddess

Once The Goddess has made your acquaintance and deemed you worthy of Her attention you may be offered the opportunity for the ultimate experience…
A personal encounter at Her unique and beautifully designed playroom in Wareham.