The major

'My divine goddess, it is an honour and a privilege to be writing this letter of extreme gratitude for all that you do for me. I am sitting here naked, wearing my chastity cage, a constant pleasurable reminder of your ownership. As Your slave, I am controlled and emasculated.
my position is to accept, obey, acquiesce, and surrender, all of which I unconditionally do.
Quite simply, I belong to You.'


'When I was finally lucky enough to meet The Goddess although I was physically shaking with nerves, I felt totally safe and it felt completely right..... absolutely nothing else was in my mind except listening to The Goddess's commands for me to follow. This first meeting with The Goddess is less than a month ago and yet I now already feel completely under her spell. I find it difficult to think of anything else, it feels like she is watching over me, with a little smile as she sees my awkwardness, knowing the power she has over me. I have stopped questioning as I realise this is not what I am here for.....I am merely here to make The Goddess happy.

Under the control of Goddess Heartstrap I now feel released, and free to actually be me...'


'Goddess - how could I be so stupid as to let You down.
I apologise abjectly for my misdemeanours, my thoughtless stupidity is unforgivable- but You have magnanimously given me the opportunity to make amends for which I shall be eternally grateful.
I beg you to keep your faith in me as your Slave, your footstool, your possession.
To be considered worthy of your attention is the highest possible privilege, and my gratitude knows no bounds.
I remember the first time I saw you felt your hands upon me, and how I knew then that this was what I had searched for all of my miserable life. From that moment I have worshipped You.
I am your meek and humble slave.'

Love to please

'I love to please - I'd do pretty much anything you want me to do if it's a pleasure for you to have me do so Goddess

I do feel I was missing a big part of me Goddess, until now.
Just sending this to you I'm almost on the edge my Goddess it's like I'm high

I have longed for someone to just take me for who I am and show me they love the fact that I long to be their Bitch - and now that’s you Goddess

I am so excited, I feel weak with hope my Goddess.
You are THE ONE. Please own me.'


'This is how I feel when I think of You Goddess…
I close my eyes, and I am stranded on an island in a lake, surrounded by stormy water. I look to the shore and see You there, shining like a beacon. I look at you I feel your presence and Breathe deeply. And as I do so the storm abates and I see the waves diminish until the water is totally calm.
I see there is a path that was hidden, I look towards You and take a huge leap of faith, stepping onto the path towards You.
Towards your beauty, your power… I submit myself, wholly to You'


'For over thirty years, I have attended Mistresses in various parts of the country, but I have never before come across one like Goddess Heartstrap. From first contact via email, through a telephone conversation and then detailed instructions by text prior to meeting, it was clear that She was different… and in control. She made her requirements quite clear, and I had to obey. It was with some trepidation, therefore, that I set foot in Her domain for our first encounter. I won’t repeat what you already know from other comments about what happens on arrival, suffice to say that you are immediately and completely in Her thrall. From the moment you step inside, Goddess takes physical possession of you, though mentally you know that she already owns you. Every movement of Your body is dictated by Her commanding yet soothing voice. She takes Her time, for there is no rush, but this only increases your desire, your need for correction. I will not spoilt it for you by describing the processes She uses to intensify your yearning, as it is clear that She treats every sub as special, unique, needing individual “nurture”, and what She did to me was personal, and therefore private. But I can tell you that if it is that Correction that you need, you will feel the sweet sting of her whip and cane. You will give yourself to Her as She demands your submission, and She will take, She will lead you to the point of your limits….and then a little beyond. And when She has finished you will yearn for Her to take you there again. But you need to know that She must never be taken for granted, for She is the ultimate Goddess.'

Sissy Sophie

'I had the great honour of being allowed to speak with Goddess Heartstrap on the phone. I was incredibly nervous but within seconds of hearing her beautiful calming voice i was at ease. Very soft and sexy but yet firm and commanding after a quick chat i was granted the honour of being summons to meet with Goddess. The day came after what seemed like an age of anticipation excitement and nervousness. Goddess gave me strict instructions on entering to keep my head bowed and get onto my knees where i awaited with great excitement and fear – I was literally shaking. Goddess then told me to stand and keep my head bowed she spread me against the wall. She teased and tormented me as she very slowly stripped me naked and instructed me into another room where there was a beautiful sissy outfit waiting for me to wear. As soon as I dressed i felt like a different person and the nerves seemed to disappear. Then Goddess took me into the bathroom where Goddess instructed me to clean not wanting to disappoint Goddess i started to tremble as i proceeded to clean but it wasn’t long before I made a mistake and was taken into another room for my punishment which despite being painful seemed very nice in an excited sort of way. After finishing what i had started in the bathroom i was then rewarded with the strapon. By this point i felt hypnotized by Goddesses spell. Goddess is both calming and yet very demanding leaving you wanting more. By the time i had left Goddess Heartstrap had given me the best experience of my life. I felt like all the life stresses had been lifted and i was amazingly relaxed and revitalized. Since visiting Goddess all i can think about day and night is having the honour of being summoned again. Without a doubt the best Divine Goddess anyone could possibly serve.'


'I am very fortunate to have met my Goddess. You will have read all the other reviews and they are all very accurate, Goddess is the real deal, she is the person I felt at complete ease to submit to. The great thing about Goddess is if you are lucky the level of cerebral and spiritual connection you will achieve. For this servant receiving tasks, given instructions and when I was summoned gave what can only described as an out of body experience. Goddess is truly a very special person and you will feel privileged to have known her.'

David Fr024

'The Goddess summoned me and I was powerless to resist. Submission to the Goddess does not begin when you cross the physical threshold of Her residence; submission to Her begins days, weeks, or, in my case, months before any physical summons is issued. Goddess has been allowing me to communicate with Her since the beginning of lockdown. In that time She has blessed me with guidance and advice whilst at the same time preparing me for my submission to Her. She has been my therapist as well as my Goddess, and Her generosity of spirit, powerful compassion and exquisite authority have kept me enthralled to Her all that time. By the time the summons came, I was lost in Her – bewitched, hypnotized, and in thrall to this supreme, sublime divinity. I almost can’t remember my journey to Her, so altered was my state in anticipation of meeting the Goddess. Goddess guided me to Her with messages that were not just factual and directional but were a continuation of my mental preparation for what was to come. On arrival, I was instructed to follow a clear, simple but rigid set of instructions. Goddess’s ritualized approach to Her final physical domination of me sent me off the charts in terms of exciting serenity and desperate anticipation. I knelt. She stripped me. She put Her hand to my throat and I almost fainted with excitement. The moment She allowed me, finally, to look Her in the eyes, I heard the angels singing. When She took me into the side room, strapped me down, and tormented me I was so vibrant with ecstatic energy that I felt I was having an out of body experience. Time passed so quickly, yet I felt I had been with the Goddess forever. I can hardly remember how I got back home; but I know that I spent the next few days in a state of deep serenity, calm and centred as if I had taken a long meditation and had a deep, full-body massage. I have seen dozens of Dommes in my time, but none of them comes anywhere close to the magnificence of Goddess Heartstrap. She is compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, powerful, sublime – I would run out of superlatives before coming close to doing justice to Her. This was the submission of my life; I am fully owned.'


'I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting the true Goddess this week. Physically she is amazing, tall, statuesque with superb legs, eyes that penetrate into one’s soul, and a soft well-modulated voice that takes over your will. I was a very apprehensive novice, a virgin my first experience of the world of domination. Once I had made the decision to ‘come out’ research led me to the Goddess and she was so right for me. We messaged, talked, and she prepared me. I needed a Goddess to whom I would completely surrender, who would take control and lead me into the magical world of BDSM and domination. I could not have had a better teacher. She took me gently but firmly through an initially difficult time but her skill, expertise, and understanding lead me into a perfect state of submission. I adore and worship her.'


'An afternoon spent with the Goddess is time exquisitely well spent if one is lucky enough to earn it. Strict but forgiving, generous but firm, the Goddess knows exactly what you want – more than even you do yourself. Bringing you to a genuine, true connection between Dominant and submissive, it was an incredible honour and pleasure to serve her and I hope very much to do so again very soon.

Thank you, Goddess – you took a young, nervous man and created a true submissive. I will never forget you. xx'


'No review would do my Goddess justice. I couldn’t put into words how important she has been and continues to be. She is so much more than just a figure from my fantasies and has connected with me on a very personal level in ways I’ve never felt before. I’ve not (yet) been lucky enough to see my Goddess in person but from the conversations we’ve had over the phone I have no doubts, it would be life-changing. All of your boxes will be ticked and she’ll find boxes you were too shy to voice and tick those too. The name ‘Goddess’ is an understatement. You won’t be disappointed.'


'I had the Absolute Pleasure of meeting this Beautiful Woman. I had my natural nerves that u get on a first meet, but I can tell ya guys this lady is just so easy going and quickly made me feel at ease. Honest and Open, Sexy and Classy – most importantly took time to find out what I liked and Duly Delivered ..Top Quality Meet of which I want more … Guys be Very genuine cos this Lady is Big-time x

ty Goddess……couldn’t have picked a more appropriate name x'


'Goddess Heartstrap is a genuine Lady with a captivating manner. Very spiritual, intelligent, and a beautiful Lady, she took the time to speak with me on a number of occasions in advance of our meeting to fully understand my interests. We had a wonderful connection and both enjoyed our time together. Goddess is very creative and skilled and has a wonderful manner. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will hope to meet again in the future. Anyone who is thinking of a visit should go for it.. look after her though.. she is a wonderful lady and most definitely a true Goddess.'


'I have not met with Goddess, however I had the absolute privilege and pleasure to speak with Goddess on the phone. I cannot say enough how much, as an absolutely newbie, she opened my eyes to this lifestyle but difficulties meeting real people on the sites.

This Goddess is so edifying and refreshing to speak to, so intelligent, so calming and so reassuring and it is a delight to speak with such a wonderful, powerful and consuming spirit….

Sadly I fear I have disappointed Goddess and my journey with her has come to an end, so sullied and scarred have I been I by my first experiences in this lifestyle that I couldn’t dedicate myself to Goddess as she truly deserves. I wish I had met this Goddess from the absolute start, before I had been tainted by fakes.

However, if you are worthy and lucky enough to be called under the will of Goddess, she will entrance and consume you and place you under her spell, such are her powers of allure and seduction. If you are ready, I believe the journey with Goddess will be the end of the search for greatest experience in the lifestyle.'

So My would-be sub…

I imagine that by now you are thoroughly overexcited,
and the thought of being commanded by your Goddess is overwhelming.

To hear My voice...
To kneel at My command…
To obey without question…
Truly these are moments to savour.

A pair of my stockings sent to you along with My instruction for their use…beautiful, black silky stockings that have graced my elegant, long legs… infused with the lingering scent of My delicious perfume…

And once you have received the stockings, then you will have the privilege of actually hearing My delicious commands sent to you as a voicemail…

How utterly enthralling!
Fortunate slave!

Apply to Serve the Goddess

It’s quite simple. Just follow the instructions to purchase, send Me your address and voila! Your fantasies will be infused, inflamed, and fulfilled.

£60 tribute via PayPal to GoddessHeartstrap@myself.com

Complete the application form with address details.
Press send and then wait patiently. Anticipation is a wonderful thing, enjoy it in its entirety.
Then when the stockings arrive, you contact The Goddess, and from there… bliss awaits!

Goddess Heartstrap

Gift The Goddess

I hear you asking – could I demonstrate my reverence, admiration and dedication via a gift for The Goddess?

And again the answer is yes, you could and you shall.

The Goddess likes to relax, at spa for a delicious massage…

Shopping for lingerie, perfume…

Dining at Her favourite restaurants of course wearing beautiful stockings on Her long, shapely legs…

So gift cards are the simple option for you.

Just take a look at the things The Goddess enjoys and select.

Send your gift card to sales@goddessheartstrap.com and await Her reply.

The Goddess always graciously responds to Her worshippers’